Sunday, 24 February 2013

GOSH Velvet Touch Lipstick in Burgundy

     GOSH isn't a brand that I'm very familiar with. In fact I usually bypass it completely when I'm doing my usual beauty browse in Superdrug. 
     Yesterday however, being the ultimate consumer that I am, was reeled in by big red signage stating that the velvet touch lipsticks were part of a special offer.
     Cue hawk-eyed interest from me. The lipsticks were £4.49 instead of £6.49, granted not a huge discount but still a saving nonetheless. 
     Another reason I told myself it would be totally fine to purchase yet another lipstick was that I hadn't bought or tried a GOSH lipstick before so it would be the perfect excuse to compare it to my usual favourites. 

     The lipstick is a lovely wine colour, perfect for the still snowy months. Factoring in the weather at the moment, the lipstick is very moisturising without being too sheer, which is perfect for when our lips are prone to dryness at this time of year. Everyone knows there's nothing worse than a matte lip with chapped lips!

     I love the sleek black packaging and I think the intricate little GOSH detail on the lipstick makes it seem so much more expensive and classy. 

     The colour lasted on me all night, even with drinking, when a lot of the time I find myself topping up my lipstick if it's from a less expensive collection like GOSH.

     Has anyone got any favourite GOSH products I should know about?
Swatch of 'Burgundy'

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