Thursday, 11 October 2012

What Makes up the Fall Beauty Trends?

This is an article I wrote for my reporting class about the fall makeup trends.

Oxblood Lips

      Berry-red lips and deep, smoky eyes have been widely touted as this fall’s must- have makeup colors. 
      Just as fashion usually mimics the typical autumn shades, the beauty world has done the same this year, with colors like oxblood, mulberry and dark greens taking center stage. 
     “Women are starting to change their coral and hot pink lipstick shades to a darker, vampy color,” said Tricia Wetherby, a sales associate for Makeup Art Cosmetics. “We’ve been more selling darker colored eye shadows and berry colored lipsticks now that summer is over.” 

We've moved on from the coral lip trend...
      Since the arrival of fall, the bolder, more luxurious colors have been the focus of attention for beauty enthusiasts. Smoky two-tone eyes and wine colored lips have dominated the catwalks recently, and in turn created a buzz at makeup counters like MAC, with girls and women alike hoping to recreate some of this season’s trends on their own. 
     The smoky eye has continued to evolve in tones of classic black, with accents of pine green and deep violet. 

MAC's Rebel Lipstick

      “All skin tones can wear them.” said Wetherby. “Not only can the colour be adjusted, but the texture too. There are many different shades of dark shadows that vary in texture, for instance matte or shimmer.”
      Many women have been coveting the deeper red lip colors in favor of the summer brights. A lot of women have been asking the MAC girls when its Marilyn Monroe collection, which includes many of fall’s dark hues, is available to buy. The collection, featuring an image of Monroe on the packaging is exclusive to MAC and is out Oct. 4. 
      “The collection features five different shades of red lipsticks,” Wetherby said. “It also includes some nail polishes in vampy colours like dark purple and navy.”

MAC's Marilyn Monroe Lipstick Collection

      However, not every woman who wears makeup identifies and follows these popular trends. “I follow some fashion trends, but I don’t take notice of beauty crazes,” said Sofi Lopez, a healthcare management senior at the University of Memphis. “I don’t like the very dark lipstick; I’d feel as though I was dressing up for Halloween.”
      And according to Wetherby, a lot of women she meets are inspired by what color lipstick she is wearing, or what texture shadow she is sporting on her eyes.
      “If we stay trendy, then they stay trendy.” Wetherby said. 
      The cosmetics industry posted sales of $36.5 billion dollars in 2010, according to Drug Store News, and this amount is gradually increasing every year with the emergence of ‘beauty gurus’ on YouTube and makeup blogs.

      These days makeup seems more popular and important to women, and not just because of the fashion crazes.
      “Makeup can change peoples’ lives,” Wetherby said. “Face and eye shapes can be transformed, that’s why it’s important to women.” 
      More women focus on the seasonal beauty trends they see in the multitude of magazines like Glamour, makeup counters and blogs, according to experts.
      For instance, Wetherby has seen a definite increase in the sale and interest of oxblood colored lipsticks called ‘Diva’ and ‘Rebel’ and with spring approaching in a few months, the makeup world has to be just as ahead of the seasonal trends as the fashion world does. 
     “Spring beauty will be very different to fall,” Wetherby said. “Expect pops of vibrant colours and dewy, healthy skin.”

Monday, 8 October 2012

A Smokey Purple Picture Story

Friday, 5 October 2012

MAC Launches a Marilyn Monroe Collection

    The new Marilyn Monroe collection for MAC has been one of the most highly anticipated collections that the brand has ever produced. 
    Marilyn Monroe is without doubt one of the biggest beauty icons the world has seen, many women attempt to emulate her hollywood glamour style still, so it was only a matter of time until MAC created this stunning range. 
    The 30 piece collection features eyeshadows, lipsticks, lashes and much more, in shades designed to channel your own blonde bombshell look. 
 MAC describes the range like this:
"Pure platinum Hollywood glamour. Channel the legend's luster & sex appeal in a colour collection distinctively Marilyn. It's everything you need to capture the MM look. Specially designed packaging features imagery from The Black Sitting. Limited Edition."
    The range hit the stores and online only yesterday but the MAC counter at Macy's at the Wolfchase Galleria mall in Memphis has sold out of the majority of the stock already. 
     Here's some pictures I took at the counter to get an idea of the packaging and shades. I especially love the peachy toned blush, the grey sparkly eyeshadow and the lipsticks.
    However, if you want to get your hands on this limited edition set, do it sooner rather than later as many of the products have sold out online too. 


  I was rummaging through the sale items in Urban Outfitters yesterday and came across this metallic gold nail polish at the bargain price of $0.99. I think it's a nice colour for Autumn and the quality is great. There were colours other than this gold one too.

Will anyone be buying any or indeed all of the MM range for MAC?