Wednesday, 25 January 2012

First Post

I set up this blog ages ago, but to be honest have been too scared to write any posts!

Mainly because, when I want to write about items and looks etc, I really want to include pictures. However my problem is that my digital camera at the moment is a bit crap (need to save up, stop buying make-up and invest in a decent one!) 

So...I'm currently taking pictures on my Blackberry, which, for an old phone has a pretty good camera but seems to alter the colour of the products slightly due to the bright flash. But obviously I'll be including the exact shades of the items in the descriptions :)

Anyway, technical bits over...unusually for me, because I'm always so poor, being a student and all, I bought a grand total of 5 make-up products over the weekend. I even felt slightly panicky, particularly guilty and contemplated putting them ALL back on their shelves. Then I thought, "Do I really need all of these?!". As any fellow beauty junkie would know the word that immediately popped into my head was "YES". 
So, off I strided defiantely to the tills, praying that my card wouldn't be declined...

So here they are...
  • Nars Bronzing Powder in Laguna

As you can see there's a harsh glare from the flash on my phone, but you can get the jist of the product and it's packaging anyway. I've heard wonderful things about this bronzer and when my old Bourjois smashed into smithereens in my bag I decided to treat myself to this beauty. Reality television star and beauty blogger Millie Mackintosh wrote about this in her blog 'Miss Millie Makeup' Not that cheap at £24 but I'd say it's worth the money. Although it looks really quite dark, when applied it gives the skin a gorgeous tanned colour. Not orangey at all and you can apply just a little for a natural look, or layer it up for a more glamourous, contoured look. I would definitely recommend this product to anyone looking for a new bronzer! You can buy it here

MAC Lipstick in Morange

I went to my beloved MAC counter with the intention of finding a really matte coral lipstick. However, unfortunately the only really truly corally ones were the super moisturising types which I usually find rub off my lips too quickly. But, the girl at the counter introduced me to this little treasure. In the picture it might look slightly pink but infact it's completely orange, hence the name. Despite it being quite moisturising, it suprisingly lasts for ages, due to it being so pigmented. When I first applied it I was a bit scared to wear it because it's sooo bold, but after a while (a few minutes) I got used to it and absolutely loved it! If I'm going for a neutral eye, maybe a flick of liquid eyeliner I'll wear this shade as it really brightens up your look. It's also highly attention seeking ha! If you're into that kinda thing.