Sunday, 30 September 2012

Organic Cosmetics With a Special Ingredient - Goat's Milk

    Two Saturdays ago I went to the Cooper-Young Festival in mid-town Memphis. There were over 400 vendors that afternoon, selling everything from paintings to jewellry. But of course, all I wanted to see were the cosmetics stands. When my friend Amanda told me that there was a stall selling cosmetics made from goat's milk and other 'good for you' ingredients, I knew I had to investigate. 
     At the Heavenly Essence Skin Care stand, I met Rich Lee, who was manning the stall for his wife Nancy who owns the business.  He showed me some of the products on offer which included soaps, body butters, shower gels, face masks and more. 
     After I'd man-handled just about everything he was selling, I settled on buying 3 soaps, one body butter and one face mask. Yes, that's all.
    I've tried and tested 3 out of the 5 products that I bought, so here's what I think of them;
Olive oil bar on the right, scrub bar to the left

 Olive Oil Facial Soap Bar

I was excited about using this soap, as Rich told me that it was specifically formulated for people that have combination skin, that is prone to spots, like mine. He told me it was dermatologist tested and that he recommends it to his patients. I haven't been using it long enough to tell if it's actually done my skin any favours, but it smells gorgeous and my skin feels so soft afterwards. I've started using this to take my make up off at night instead of using face wipes as my skin feels a lot cleaner and revitalised.

Sparkling Grapefruit and Pomegranate Vegan Sugar Scrub Bar

I was slightly more disappointed with this one. Like the olive oil bar it smells lovely, but I was expecting more of an exfoliant, with it being named a 'sugar scrub bar'. However, I found it to be more like a soap, which is fine but I would have preferred the texture to be a bit rougher in order to rejuvinate my skin.

'Ultimate Facial' Clay Mask

Last but not least, the face mask. At the beginning, I was disappointed with this too. However, after a few tries, I've managed to get the consistency perfect. As it is powdered clay, it's not a pre-made mask that you can just slap on to your face. I had to have a few go's to get the powder to water ratio just right in order to form a paste. Once the paste is on the skin, it immediately feels cooler and tighter, and having left it on for 10-15 minutes, I felt like I'd had botox! When I washed it off I was left with cool, smooth and clean skin. This is definitely my favourite out of the products I've tried so far!

'Ultimate Facial' Clay Mask

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