Sunday, 16 September 2012

Wet n Wild - Cheap But Not Trashy

    Despite bringing ten different lipsticks and five different nail polishes (yes I counted) with me in my jam packed case to Memphis, I simply can't resist a good old beauty bargain.

    So, imagine my delight when I stumbled upon the American brand Wet n Wild in Walgreens.
    With prices ranging from a mere $0.99 to a still extremely cheap $6.99, they have a pretty extensive range; eyeshadows, liners, mascaras, lipsticks, glosses, foundations, primers, you name it, they sell it!

    Having to restrain myself from putting one of everything into my basket, I restricted myself to choosing an electric blue varnish and and corally-red lipstick. Even though I have a multitude of coral lipsticks, that is the colour I'm forever drawn to as I know it suits me and is very versatile. I think it can be worn on pale skins and on more olive and dark skin tones.

Swatch of 'Purty Persimmon'

This lipstick is fantastic, it glides on really easily, isn't too matte nor too moisturising which is a God send when it comes to finding a perfect lipstick, as most of the time I find that the cheap drugstore ones either completely dry my lips out, or it slides off them within 2 minutes. This Wet n Wild lipstick is the perfect combination. The colour is gorgeous and summery and one application lasted for a good few hours, including after eating and drinking.
'Saved by the blue'

     I chose to buy a nail polish as I absolutely love finding and trying out the new colour trends for nails.

     Electric blue has been 'in this season' but I actually hadn't got round to purchasing one in England. 

    The thing I love about coloured polishes is that anybody any shape, size, skin colour can wear any colour on their nails, which is why I love chopping and changing my nail colours constantly to co-ordinate with my clothes and make-up, even to tailor to my mood that day. 

    Despite loving the lipstick, I wasn't so impressed with the nail polish.The colour is beautiful, very bright and eye-catching but it chipped within an hour of application. Not what you want from a nail polish at all! Granted I only applied one coat, but it was very flakey and I could tell that it wasn't the most expensive product I'd ever bought. 

     Altogether, I'd highly reccommend the lipstick, it has the perfect consistency and long-lasting colour. The nail polish range is great for bright, bold colours if you want an 'on-trend' look, but not so good for durability.  

    The brand has many different colours to chose from and I think everything is such good value for money, making shopping trips all that more exciting when you're a little bit poor like me!

Me sporting Wet n Wild 'Purty Persimmon' lipstick

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