Sunday, 27 October 2013

L'Oréal Elvive Extraordinary Oil

The weather is getting colder, and the nights are getting darker, equalling disastrous results for our hair. If like me, you dread the dreary weather for reasons none other that it wreaks havoc on your hair, take a look at what I thought of this hair oil. 
After everyone went wild for the amazing but pricey Morrocan Oil, the clever clogs at L'Oréal released this hair rescue oil a good few months ago. 
Not being one for hair serums or sprays as I feel they make my hair greasy, I decided to try this out a few weeks ago when my hair started feeling really dry. 
L'Oréal says it leaves hair 'sumptuously soft and with a luxurious shine', and it certainly lives up to the claims. 
After using it for a while, I love it so much that I wouldn't like to wash and dry my hair without it! It has a weightless touch, and doesn't leave my hair feeling lank or greasy, which is what I usually find with 'shine enhancing' products for hair. 
I only need a few drops for my long hair, so I reckon this 100 ml bottle will last me a while!
It's currently £6.66 for 100 ml at Boots, but it's normally £9.99. The latter is reasonable anyway, considering it is so similar to Morrocan Oil which for a tiny 50 ml bottle is around £15! 
One more thing I love about this is the sleek and sophisticated packaging. The glass bottle has a very 'up-market salon' feel, and the pump-action top makes sure it doesn't slop everywhere.
Does anyone have any other amazing hair oils that I should know about? 


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