Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Aldi's Emerald Beauty

 It's not very often anyone sings German supermarket Aldi's praises, in the makeup sense anyway. 
Aldi is well known for it's funny television adverts featuring grannies and babies, and it's bargain fruit and veg, but not for the little gems that can be scouted out in the tiny cosmetic section of the stores.

...Introducing Aldi's 'Lacura Beauty' eyeliner in the shade 'Emerald'...

This is a very dark green kohl, with a creamy consistency making it easy to apply and wear. Some people are squeamish when it comes to the idea of wearing a coloured eyeliner that isn't black or brown, but dark green can be a very pretty alternative. 

Swatch of 'Emerald'
 I've got quite a few coloured eyeliners from Urban Decay, but they are brighter than this shade from Lacura, making them not as wearable, in my opinion. I usually reserve the more vibrant eyeliners for festivals and suchlike. 

The eyeliner is a steal at £1.49, and even comes with a rubber end to smudge the eyes and a pencil sharpener. Can't get cheaper than that!

Although it isn't quite as pigmented as MAC's 'Undercurrant', I'd say it's a pretty good dupe. Tanya Burr uses 'Undercurrant' in her Haifa Wehbe tutorial below.

 Most of us can't afford to be splashing out on green eyeliners from MAC, so this one is a great alternative for when you're trying to tighten those purse strings. 

I'm wearing 'Emerald' in my waterline in these two pictures. As you can see it's a really subtle dark green.

Has anyone found any beauty bargains at Aldi?

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